"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." Hippocrates

"One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarter keeps your doctor alive." Hieroglyph found in an ancient Egyptian tomb

"It is a matter of common knowledge that any processing that foods undergo serves to make them more harmful than unprocessed foods." McDonald's Corporation legal statement, shown in the documentary Supersize Me.

“Control the oil and you control entire nations; control the food and you control the people.”~ Henry Kissinger

Monday, January 30, 2012

(from Food Matters)...Used to Get High for A Living....John Butler Trio

I used to get high for a living
Believing everything that i saw on my tv
I used to get high for a living
Eating all the bullshit food that they sold me
I used to get high for a living
Thinking that my destiny was out of my control
I used to get high for a living
There's lots of different reasons and i'll tell you so

Super size, large fries, big mac, coca cola
Go on man, pick your poison
Speed, weed, ecstacy, LSD
Man, it don't bother me cos we're all on something
Caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol
You know i'm clawing at the walls trying to get my fix
Prozac, ADD tablets, coke, smack
Now you know i am turning tricks cos

I used to get high for a living
Believing everything that i saw on my tv
I used to get high for a living
Eating all the bullshit food that they sold me
Yeah, that they sold me

Escape, can't wait all trying to get away
From this place man that we're feeling
Can't deal, can't feel what's real
All trying to conceal all this time we're stealing
No doubt, the route you're on
Can't find the clout that you've been needing
'Til then my friend you must contend
With the monster that you're feeding

I used to get high for a living
Believing everything that i saw on my tv
I used to get high for a living
Eating all the bullshit food that they sold me
I used to get high for a living
Thinking that my destiny was out of my control
I used to get high for a living
There's lots of different reasons and i'll tell you so

Got links of the cheney
Getting crazy, getting lazy with their foreign relations
Starting wars, closing doors
Trying to bring about one quicker, man, revelations
Economic rational calling fouls with the workers
Just trying to make it pay
Cost cutting, head butting
Big business do what they like and you do what they say
What's wrong get along, just prolong all the thoughts
You got going on, on the inside
Appease, stand at ease, just try to please
All the apathy that you're trying to hide
How now brown cow
Did we get from this standing place......
And now we're kneeling
'Til then my friend you must contend with the monster that you're feeding

I used to get high for a living
Believing everything that i saw on my tv
I used to get high for a living
Eating all the bullshit food that they sold me
I used to get high for a living
Thinking that my destiny was out of my control
I used to get high for a living
There's lots of different reasons and i'll tell you so

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meal Plans Jan 22-28

Sunday Jan 22:
B: egg whites w/spinach, fresh juice (apple, carrot, kale, lemon, lime), tea
L: celery + hummus + baked LC pita ("chips"), 1 c. veggie chili, water
D: grapes, pistachios, water

Monday Jan 23:
B: egg whites w/spinach & pesto, orange juice, tea
L: brussels sprouts, teriyaki seitan stir-fry, pistachios, green tea
D: thai black bean soup, bbq seitan stir-fry, tea

Tuesday Jan 24:
B: egg whites w/spinach & pesto, tea
L: salad (romaine, salmon, pepper jack cheese, cucumber, italian dr), fresh mixed fruit (blackberries, blueberries), pistachios, green tea
D: 10 oz fresh juice (apple, lemon, carrot, kale), alfredo* pasta (dreamfields), black bean patty
  *I have been eating so "clean" the past 3 weeks...I became terribly ill after eating the alfredo and I think it was the fat content.  I also had a slight allergic reaction which makes me wonder about dairy.

Wednesday Jan 25:
B: egg whites, 10 oz fresh juice (apple, lemon, carrot, kale), tea
L: salad (greens, walnuts, bleu cheese*, apple, balsamic dressing), asian mushroom ginger soup, small piece chickpea bread, tea
  *once again, sick after eating dairy...I think my body is trying to tell me something!
D: grapes, pistachios, water

Thursday Jan 26:
B: egg whites w/spinach & pesto, 10 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, spinach, cucumber, lemon, lime), tea
L: salad (mixed greens, cucumber, lite honey mustard dressing), fresh fruit (strawberries, blred beanueberries), pistachios, green tea
D: bbq seitan & veggie stir-fry, red lentil & veggie soup, tea

Friday Jan 27:
B: egg whites w/spinach & pesto, 12 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, lime), tea
L: carrots w/hummus, fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries), pistachios, water
D: salad (mixed greens, walnuts, apple, bleu cheese, balsamic dressing), red bean soup

Saturday Jan 28:
B: egg whites w/spinach & pesto, 12 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, cucumber, spinach, lemon, lime), tea
L: moosewood bean soup w/avocado
D: moosewood bean soup w/avocado, apple, pistachios

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ordered a New Juicer!

I am very sad today. My juicer "cracked" and broke yesterday when I was cleaning it. The grinder that fits onto the "thingy" that spins it with the basket cracked off. OMG. I thought I was going to cry. I am seriously addicted to my fresh juice now. ;) I called every store I could think of who sold a Breville around here & even 50 miles away! No one had it in stock. In fact, they are all sold out. Hmmm...that's weird. I can only guess that I am not the only one who watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". What an awesome documentary. I have had a Jack Lalanne juicer for years. I started seriously juicing a few years ago "before Jeff" and was getting into the whole health thing. Since we watched the documentary about a week and half ago, I have juiced every morning since then. I LOVE fresh juice.

This morning I had to endure Tropicana 50, which is supposed to have half the calories, half the carbs. It's been sitting in the fridge for 10 days since I started juicing. I wasn't crazy about it 10 days ago. I thought it tasted like watered down orange juice, you know, like that 50 meant it was 50% water. ;)  Today I tried to drink some, thinking oh well, atleast it's some kind of juice. OMG. Awful. Just awful! I swear after 10 days of drinking the "real" stuff, this tastes like a glass of sugar with orange flavoring. I could not believe how awful it was. WOW. Was I really drinking this 10 days ago thinking that it tasted like flavored water?

The new juicer I had rushed with one day day shipping so it should be here tomorrow when I get home from work. UGH. Another morning without my juice. I hope I can make it. One thing I know for sure. I'm having juice for dinner tomorrow night. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meal Plans Jan 15-21

Sunday Jan 15:
B:  egg whites w/spinach, fresh blackberries, tea
L:  1 1/2 c. veggie chili
D: 3 oz. tilapia, 1 c. colcannon (LC Mashed Cauliflower + cabbage)

Monday Jan 16:
B: egg whites w/spinach, strawberries & blueberries, tea
L: 1 c. tomato soup, mixed fresh fruit (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries), 1 c. cabbage, pistachios
D: minestrone soup, tuna on salad (no dressing)

Tuesday Jan 17:
B: egg whites w/spinach, 8 oz fresh juice (kale, carrot, apple), tea
L: 1 c. veggie chili, mixed fresh fruit (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries), pistachios, 1 oz cheese
D: salad (mixed greens, carrot, green pepper, Gardein chick'n, cucumber, sprinkle of cheese, italian dressing)

Wednesday Jan 18:
B: egg whites w/kale, 8 oz fresh juice (kale, carrot, apple, lemon), tea
L: 1 c. veggie chili, strawberries, pistachios, 1 oz cheese
D: blackened tilapia, salad (greens, onion, cucmber, ranch), 1 c. tomato basil soup, "fried" pickles

Thursday Jan 19:
B: egg whites w/ spinach, 10 oz fresh juice (kale, carrot, apple, lemon, lime, orange), tea
L: 1 c. cabbage, 1 c. colcannon (mashed cauliflower + cabbage), strawberries, pistachios, 1 oz cheese
D: BBQ seitan & veggie stirfry + 1/3 c. organic brown rice

Friday Jan 20:
B: egg whites w/spinach, 10 oz fresh juice (kale, carrot, apple, lemon, lime, orange), tea
L: 1 c. cabbage, 1 c. colcannon (mashed cauliflower + cabbage), mixed fresh berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries), 1 oz cheese, pistachios
D: chinese buffet (string beans in garlic, shrimp, spring roll)

Saturday Jan 21:
B: egg whites w/pesto, 10 oz fresh juice (kale, carrot, apple, lemon, lime, orange), tea
L: salad (greens, cucumber, cheese, red pepper), honey mustard dressing, 1/2 pear, pistachios
D: brussels sprouts, teriyaki seitan stir-fry

Sunday Jan 22:
B: Egg whites w/pesto, 10 oz fresh juice (kale, carrot, apple, lemon, lime, orange), tea
L: celery, hummus, 1 LC pita baked ("chips) + 1 c. veggie chili
D: grapes, pistachios

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lifestyle Changes

I'll be the first to admit that lifestyle changes are not easy. It really takes major commitment to change things that you've done day after day for 30, 40, or 50 years or more! When I first became a vegetarian, it was quite accidental. Yes, really. I had been sick on and off for most of my life but never made the connection to eating meat. By the time I was 30 I had so many digestive issues, I never considered animal products to be part of the problem. It was about 13 years ago, one December after Christmas, as I was trying to think of my New Year Resolution (always a new diet!) for the new year, that I stumbled upon vegetarianism. My heart immediately went out to the animals as I have always had a tender spot for animals. Like most people, I just never made the connection of the animals I loved to the animals on my plate. I laughed to myself and thought, "yeah, I could lose all this weight BEFORE I could ever become a vegetarian!" I was really praying for some health changes and wanted to become healthier and lose weight in the process too.

About three weeks into the new year, I realized that I was feeling much better and my stomach and digestive issues were so much improved it was amazing! I had been eating out of health food store for the last three weeks as I tried to improve my diet. 13 years ago there wasn't alot of natural or organic foods in places like Wal-mart. Still not alot today, but better than it was! I thought it must be the wheat I quit eating and had replaced it with rice and spelt products. I went back over my food journal I had been keeping to see what was missing from my diet that was possibly the answer to my digestive issues.  Image my surprise when I realized I had unconsciously eliminated meat from my diet! There wasn't any type of meat on those pages for the past three weeks! I was still praying for God to give me the strength and desire to make changes in my diet and lifestyle that would improve my health. It was at that moment I realized that God had a sense of humor. ;) I remembered oh so clearly how I had stated that I could easy lose all this weight before I ever became vegetarian. And here I was three weeks later and feeling better than I had felt in years.

It's funny how changes always come about in my life when I've really been praying and asking for guidance.  I'm not a religious person, but I think I am spiritual. I do believe in God and I do consider myself a christian. I don't announce it to the whole world or have personal taglines after my name on emails, facebook, etc declaring my christianity. I guess I believe people should see a difference in me as compared to non-believers and acknowledge that perhaps I am a spiritual person. God doesn't send angels with 3 trumpets blasts to announce changes he wants in my life, although once in awhile I'm so hard-headed I believe that would be easier for me than the stumbling around I do. For me it's always those quiet nudges that send me in the right direction. I really felt like this was one of those times. So I continued on and here I am 13 years later still a vegetarian.

Lately, I've felt another nudging. Perhaps a request to clean-up my eating habits and become healthier eating whole foods and juicing. I lived alot of those years eating vegan cookies and "natural" sodas. And I have the weight gain to prove it.  There are many vegetarians that are quite healthy and eat a bulk of produce and veggies. Sadly, there are many who do not eat that way and I have been one of those. And so now I feel like it's time to move on over to that direction and get this weight off for good. Lately I've been thinking that being diagnosed with diabetes has been the best thing in my life. It has forced me face the fact that I'm not going to live forever & if I don't straightened up my eating habits, death will be sooner and not later. I don't want a life full of health issues and dr visits.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meal Plans Jan 8-14

Sunday Jan 8:
B: 3 eggs puffs (egg whites in "cup" of tofurky with cheese, baked in oven in muffin pan, recipe HERE)
L: 2 c. cream of cauliflower soup
D: LC pizza with vegetarian pepperoni & cheese

Monday Jan 9:
B: 1 c. cream of cauliflower soup
L: 2 c. cream of cauliflower soup, strawberries, 1/4 c. pistachios
D: salad (spinach, grilled shrimp, onion, almond slices, ranch)

Tuesday Jan 10:
B: 1 veggie burger patty, 2 MSF "soysage" patties, sprinkle of cheese
L: LC wrap (tofurky, swiss, ranch on flatout bread-net 6 carbs), 1/2 c. fresh fruit
D: salad (mixed greens, onion, cheese, ranch), "fried" pickles

Wednesday Jan 11:
B: 2 MSF "soysage" patties w/sprinkle of cheese, tea
L: 1 c. (dreamfields) pasta salad (cheese, olives, red pepper, italian dressing)
D: crab-stuffed tilapia, broccoli florets, salad (lettuce, cheese, onion, ranch)

Thursday Jan 12:
B: scrambled egg whites w/veggies & sprinkle of cheese, tea
L: tuna salad, 1/2 cucumber, strawberries
D: salad (mixed greens, onion, cheese, sunflower seeds, carrot, ranch), fresh fruit

Friday Jan 13:
B: scrambled egg whites with veggies, tea
L: salad (mixed greens, cheese, italian dressing, 1 pouch pink salmon), strawberries, celery w/alouette cheese spread
D: taco salad (mixed greens, cheese, salsa, sour cream, veggie burger crumbles with taco seasoning/ onion/pepper) 

Saturday Jan 14:
B: scrambled egg whites with spinach, tea
L: 1 c. veggie/lentil soup, 1 LC cheese quesadilla w/salsa & sour cream, cucumber
D: LC veg. pepperoni & veggie pizza

Recipe: Low-Sodium, Sugar-free TACO Seasoning

1 tablespoon Chili Powder
2 teaspoons Onion Powder
1 teaspoon Ground Cumin
1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1 teaspoon Paprika
1 teaspoon Ground Oregano

Mix all ingredients together.

If you are cooking for someone on a low sodium diet or low carb diet, you can use this recipe instead of taco seasoning. This recipe is the equivelant to one package of taco seasoning (or 3 tablespoons.) Adjust the strength of any ingredient to your taste.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Recipe: Low Carb Angel Food Cake


J.M. Hirsch
Mon Jan 09 2012

"It seemed impossible. I wanted to make a zero-sugar, low-carb version of a cake that is made from almost nothing but sugar and carbs.

And it took just twenty-something attempts. But after many disappointing — and some downright disgusting — versions, I finally managed to bake an amazing and sweet angel food cake that rises beautifully and has the same delicate, almost spongy texture as traditional recipes.

My motivation was simple — Mom. A longtime vegan, she has lived without her (and my) favourite cake for decades. But she recently started eating egg whites again, which put angel food back on the table. Except she isn’t eating sugar and is trying to limit carbohydrates.

Angel food cake has three primary ingredients — egg whites, sugar and flour. Egg whites and sugar are whipped until they form a thick, airy batter, then flour is gently folded in. Could I make a cake with only one of the key ingredients?

From the start, structure was the challenge. Using egg whites and the natural sugar alternative known as stevia, I was able to bake up cakes with the proper taste. And they would rise beautifully in the oven. But as soon as they came out, they wilted into near puddles of cooked dough.

To get the structure I needed, I turned to two ingredients popular in gluten-free baking — guar gum and xanthan gum (available in health food stores). Most baked goods get their lift and structure by working the gluten (a type of protein) in wheat flour until it forms bonds that trap air. People who avoid gluten need to find a way around this, so they use other ingredients to replicate those bonds.

The cake still needed dry ingredients, and for that I turned to more egg whites. A blend of powdered egg whites and egg- or whey-based protein powder was a good start. A bit of almond flour completed the dry mix, giving the cake a bit of extra body.

This cake is easy to love because it is fast and simple to make, is delicious and is great for dieters. It makes a standard size angel food cake, but has just 133 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 23 grams of protein and 2.75 grams of carbohydrates per quarter of the cake. That’s right. Per quarter of the cake.

A couple things to keep in mind:

• Traditional angel food cake is made from a very delicate batter. This is why the flour is gently folded into the whipped egg whites by hand. The batter in this version is much sturdier and easily stands up to using the mixer to add the dry ingredients at the end.

• Whey or egg white protein powders are widely available in the grocer’s natural foods or protein bar sections. Look for a brand that doesn’t contain sugar.

• Powdered egg whites are exactly what they sound like. They are sold in the baking aisle.

• The recipe was written to be gluten-free. If you aren’t avoiding gluten, it also can be made substituting 1/4 cup (60 mL) cake flour for the 1/4 cup (60 mL) almond flour called for.

• Want to make a chocolate version? Substitute 1/4 cup (60 mL) unsweetened cocoa powder for the 1/8 cup (25 mL) powdered egg whites called for.

• If you purchase packaged liquid egg whites at the grocer, be sure they are appropriate for whipping. Some brands will not whip; the cartons usually are marked to indicate this."

Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake

12 egg whites, about 2 cups (500 mL) of liquid egg whites

1 tsp (5 mL) cream of tartar

1 tsp (5 mL) xanthan gum

1 tsp (5 mL) guar gum

1/4 tsp (1 mL) baking powder

8 packets stevia sweetener

1 tsp (5 mL) vanilla extract

1 tsp (5 mL) almond extract

1/4 cup (60 mL) vanilla egg OR whey-based protein powder (at health food stores)

1/4 cup (60 mL) almond flour

3 tbsp (45 mL) powdered egg whites (at health food stores)

Heat the oven to 350 F (180 C). Generously coat a large flute pan with cooking spray on the fluted centre and bottom only, but not on the outer sides of the pan.

In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine egg whites, cream of tartar, xanthan gum, guar gum, baking powder, stevia and both extracts.

Beat on low for 30 seconds, then increase mixer to high and beat until very stiff peaks form, about 4 minutes. The mixture will be airy, voluminous and quite thick.

Into a small bowl, sift together protein powder, almond flour and powdered egg whites. Sprinkle half of the dry ingredients over egg whites. Run mixer at medium for 5 seconds or just until dry ingredients are incorporated. Sprinkle remaining dry ingredients over egg whites and mix again just to incorporate.

Increase mixer speed to high and run for another 5 seconds.

Use a silicone spatula to scrape sides of bowl and gently fold mixture together once or twice. Transfer half of the mixture to the prepared pan, then use spatula to smooth top. Repeat with remaining mixture. Firmly tap pan on counter to help eliminate air bubbles.

Bake for 35 minutes. Remove pan from the oven and overturn the pan and cool upside down. When cool, to release the cake, run a paring knife along the outside of the pan.

Makes 8 servings.

Approximate nutrition per serving: 80 calories, 2 g fat, 14 g protein, 4 g carbohydrates, 1 g fibre

100 reasons to remind me why I want to lose weight...

1. To feel good about myself
2. To be able to stop worrying about my weight issues
3. So I won't think people are laughing or talking about me
4. To buy clothes in a normal store and actually get clothes with some style to them that fit correctly
5. To have more energy
6. To be able to tie shoes/paint toenails
7. To be able to sit on a floor and get up gracefully
8. To wear a bathing suit
9. To cross my legs or sit Indian style
10. To fit into an airline/theatre/bus/whatever seat without spilling over and without having to see "that look" from the person who has to sit beside me.
11. So my ankles won't swell
12. To fit into a booth at any restaurant
13. To not need an extension to a seat belt for my car OR on an airplane
14. To not worry about being decapitated in my car with my seat belts on if I should be in an accident
15. To not turn beet red after moderate exertion
16. To be able to pick something up off the floor
17. Panty Hose that fit (enough said!)
18. To go to an amusement park and ride the rides
19. To be able to sit in any chair without worry of breakage
20. To not have to apologize when caught in a narrow aisle and someone needs to get by
21. To go dancing, sky diving, bungee jumping....(ok, maybe not bungee jumping!)
22. To be able to go horseback riding or ride a bike
23. To not worry about rashes and sweating
24. To not have to listen to "caring" people ask why I don't diet or worse still... "gee you have such a pretty face"....MY PERSONAL PET PEEVE....
25. To not worry about spilling food, sauces or gravy down the front of my blouse/dress/shirt when eating
26. To not have to think up some excuse for not doing something because I know my weight will impede me
27. To not have my tummy hit the steering wheel and to be able to fit comfortably in the driver's seat WITH THE SEAT BELT ON (and no damn extension!)
28. To have a bra fit comfortably and to have pretty underwear and lingerie
29. To not have to worry about the weight limit of step stools, ladders, exercise equipment, horses, rides etc.
30. To not get stuck in a turn style
31. To not wake up feeling achy in the back..or to have ache-free legs and feet
32. So the bathroom scale won't creak and groan when I step on it
33. To be able to leave the tablecloth on the table at a restaurant ...instead of dragging it with me as I get up
34. So I won't look the other way when I see myself in a monitor where they have security cameras
35. To never be embarrassed about my size
36. To not count tying shoes as daily exercise
37. To not have to wait for the handicap stall when there are plenty of other stalls available in a public bathroom
38. To not be more out of shape than seniors or those on oxygen
39. To not break toilet seat when leaning to one side (yeah! it's happened!)
40. To be able to put on wedding rings that don't cut into my fingers
41. To try to make a double chin and fail!
42. Buy clothing bargains..to fit the next year and they do!
43. Not to have to worry about plastic zippers or having zippers break
44. Normal waistbands rather than elastic OR real pants, not stretchy ones
45. To wear knee socks correctly instead of worn like slouches
46. To look good in a tee shirt
47. To try on slacks or jeans and have the pant leg actually fit over leg
48. To be able to get close to sink and not come away with a wet front
49. To get out of a stuffed chair GRACEFULLY and not look down to see if the chair has come up with me
50. To not worry if the hairdresser's smock will fit, not be afraid to ask which hairstyle suits my face, and actually be able to sit in the stylist chair!
51. To not be self-conscious about eating in front of others
52. To be able to buy a sexy pair of boots that zip over my calf
52. To not have people checking me out after looking in my grocery cart
53. To be able to have more than one sexual position
54. To have my friends NOT be embarrassed to be seen with me
55. To get promotions/hired or close that sale
56. Pants that stay up because my waist is smaller than my behind
57. Average sized chest and hips
58. Wearing shorts or tank tops without fear of being too revealing
59. To not have the fear of being rejected
60. To successfully flirt and not have to be the life of the party to make up for not feeling good about how I look
61. To not worry about how to get in and out of the back seat in a two door car, or bucket seats in the front
62. One size fits all and it fits me
63. To have a lap
64. To not have the car I ride in slant in my direction.
65. To be able to use toilet paper as it was meant to be used and not to have to invent ways to "get the job done"
66. To not have to watch TV news reports on fat people knowing that I could easily be one of the people photographed
67. To be able to get between cars in a parking lot without wiping the dust off my front and back
68. No more heat rashes and chafing in the upper thighs
69. So that the cloth in the thigh area doesn't wear away long before the rest of the slacks do!
70. To meet a friend online and not be horrified to have to send a picture of myself
71. To not take fat references and fat jokes personally
72. To know I can go anywhere because wherever I sit I CAN be comfortable and look at ease.
73. To shop at the mall and not have my back ache from lugging my own extra weight around after just a few minutes
74. To be able to stand still, carrying nothing and still look poised
75. To be able to cross my arms across my chest without them resting on my stomach
76. To have my feet get smaller and wear pretty shoes
77. Using my mouth to taste and chew food rather than as just a route to get the food inside
78. Blood pressure and blood sugars returns to normal
79. To avoid other health complications from being overweight
80. To be able to borrow a co-worker's jacket for an important impromptu meeting
81. To meet someone for the first time and their eyes don't pop out of their head with amazement...because I'm so fat
82. To see my reflection in a mirror or store window without turning away
83. To wear a watch with a regular length watch band
84. To look in the mirror when getting your hair cut without thinking I have the biggest face in the world
85. To not mind getting my picture taken
86. To not avoid going to the doctor because I have to get "weighed" in
87. To wake up each morning feeling energized and ready to go
88. To not even worry about squeezing into small spaces
89. To not have to enter an elevator and check the weight limit
90. To look in my closet and have problems deciding which stylish outfit to work since I have so many that look good and fit well
91. To not have to lie perfectly still in bed at night for fear of breaking the bed
92. To buy tie shoes instead of slip on's
93. To be able to walk any distance without looking for a bench to sit on
94. To look forward to shopping and just trying on clothes
95. To be able to drive by any fast food place without it taking over my thoughts
96. To be able to shop at the same store for food instead of having to remember where I shopped last night for the junk food so I can avoid that store for a few days
97. To not feel lower than low when an innocent child remarks about my size
98. To not constantly be thinking of where my next morsel of food is coming from
99. To talk about maintenance when I reach my goal and to encourage others on!

And the 100th reason to lose weight is.......................I'M WORTH IT!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Irritated to say the least

I noticed that an "acquaintance" posted on Facebook today that she was giving up carbs for the new year in an effort to lose weight. I was intrigued. Yay for her! I read through the comments that people left for her and they were all negative! You know the usual comments of "that's so unhealthy", "your body has to have carbs", "people who do that fail everytime". UGH. I left a comment congratulating her on a good choice and that it was quite healthy, my dr had recommended to me to eat this way, and I'd lost 42 lbs. so far. Needless to say the ugly comments continued to her. Yes, my comment was completely ignored by everyone. She stated she was simply replacing rice, potatoes, bread with salad.  A great start I thought!

People just annoy me with their ignorance. I really should just let it go. The people who say these negative things and refuse to encourage her, in my past experiece, are people who don't want you to succeed.  And we've all got those kind of people in our lives...who for whatever selfish, self-centered reason try to help us fail.

"It's so unhealthy". Seriously? You should read some medical literature before you start making broad comments like that. Eating all those sugar and starch carbs are definitely NOT healthy. "Your body has to have carbs". Umm, hello. What do you think fruits, veggies, and milk are? yeah! And we eat alot of those on low-carb. "People who do that fail everytime". Oh Please! Look up some statistics, honey. 95% of ALL people on ALL diet plans fail. Seriously.  One oft-cited study has found 95% of people who diet to lose weight put it back on within two to three years. Some subsequent studies have ignored this finding, but none has set out to challenge it.  In a study published in 2003 in the journal Pediatrics, researchers at Harvard Medical School found that adolescents who dieted put on more weight than those who did not diet over a three year period.  Bottom line to this: It's not easy making lifestyle changes, but yes, it is possible!

I just had to vent alittle here and get out the frustration. I can remember a time when things like this would have sent me into a "tizzy" and I'd find myself compulsive eating and/or overeating.  Not any more. Comments like this just make me smile and look down at my shrinking belly. Yeah. And it actually encourages me to keep eating low-carb. :)

Meal Plan Jan 1-7

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
L: cauliflower cream soup
D: Mashed cauliflower, 5 veggie "meatballs" w/cheese

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
D: (Afternoon tea) she-crab soup, pan seared scallops salad w/champagne vinaigrette, 6 shrimp salad on cucumber, 2 pieces spinach-artichoke-parmesan on LC bread with smoked salmon, 1 LC scone, 4 LC coconut macaroon cookies, 1 pc LC cheesecake

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
L: 1 c dreamfields pasta w/olive oil & garlic, 2 quorn "chickn" breast cutlets
D: mashed cauliflower, 5 veggie "meatballs" w/cheese

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
L: lentil soup
D: chinese buffet

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
L: broccoli/cheese soup
D: blackened tilapia, salad, cup of winter squash soup

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
L:  salad (mixed greens, cheese, olives, tuna pouch, italian dressing), strawberries
D: Crab-stuffed tilapia, broccoli, salad (lettuce, cheese, onion, ranch)

B: veggie & cheese egg white omelet
L: Mashed cauliflower, pistachios, mixed fruit 
D: pasta salad (dreamfield's pasta) w/veggie "pepperoni"

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weight Loss report!

I am happy to say I lost almost 20 lbs in the past two months of eating low carb!! That means I've lost a total of 42 lbs!! Woo-hoo!! I am sooo amazed.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

A new year is always so exciting to me. It's like a fresh slate, a start over. It seems like anything is possible and I always seem to feel inspired and hopeful as I look over the coming year. For 2012, I am hoping to be in better health. And to continue my journey towards being alot healthier than I have been in the past year. Part of that is weight loss, but unlike most people (which I count myself as in the past) who dream big, only to crash a few weeks, or maybe a few days later, I want to continue on what I have started.

After being diagnosed as a diabetic last year, and after much lecturing from my Dr how I should have gastric bypass surgery and I know she means well, but no, that's not for me....I embarked once again on the low-fat/calorie counting adventure...determined that this time was going to be last time. Although I have said that many, many times in the past. And so I did. For about 5 months, I starved myself and counted calories. After having metabolic testing done, I did find out that after years of yo-yo dieting my body has decided that it maintains my weight at a bit under 1700 calories a day. Now if I was to confess my body weight, you would be amazed. ;) My dietician could not believe it. She said with my weight I should be able to eat 2200 calories a day and still lose weight! Oh no. Not me. :( So I kept count 1200 daily calories and that gave me 1 lb a week weight loss. I honestly don't know how I survived this for 5 months.

My Dr kept telling me I was one of those "carb sensitive" diabetics. I eat the carbs and my blood sugar goes sky high. I eat veggies and salads and my blood sugar is happy. After 5 months of starving and only losing 22 lbs, I finally decided to listen to her and quit eating the bread, potatoes, rice, and all those yummy flour products. The result? Blood sugars are once again in the "nice" range & I lost 20 more lbs in only 2 months!! What's even better? I'm not hungry all the time! Am I eating one of those crazy low carb diets? Not exactly. I call it a "low-ER" carb diet. I'm actually vegetarian and I don't eat meat (beef, chicken, pork, etc) but I do eat fish. (No I'm not one of those crazy PETA vegetarians...I just can't digest the meat and tried to start eating fish a few years ago with success). I eat ALOT of veggies and salads with my soy protein and fish. So while I can't claim it as a "low carb" diet (most of those people only eat 25 carbs a day) I do call it a "low-er" carb diet since I eat about 50 - 75 carbs a day. With weight loss success!!

 Hopefully one day I will be able to eat the yummy carbs again, but for me it will be awhile. I'm actually "enjoying" this low carb food and wonder if I will ever be able to eat the  normal "carb" diet again.  I wanted to share today about a simple tea I had at home and it was all low-carb goodies. yes, I'm so proud of myself. LOL.

My husband bought me a 3-tier tray that I had seen for Christmas. I can't find alot of my tea things since we moved. I think most are still packed in storage! So while I do have trays, I didn't have one at the moment. We were sitting at the table on New Year's Day and he asked what I was going to do with it. Well use it of course! So while he went out on a service call, I decided to have "afternoon tea" ready when he came home. Talk about surprised! :) It was an impromptu tea and I really enjoyed it.  I felt inspired! It was afterall the first of the year when all things seem possible. So I thought I'd give it a try and see about having one every month. Life is too short to live without tea parties, right? :)

So I thought I'd share my little impromtu afteroon tea on New Year's Day! Since I grew up on the Eastern Coast, I should tell you we always celebrated holidays with fresh seafood. I guess I haven't outgrown that because I still do the same even though I live 350 miles inward now in the mountains.

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2012 & year full of inspiration and creativity!

have a TEA-licious day!


Shall we start with Pan-Seared scallop salad with champagne vinaigrette & she-crab soup? The salad was featured in this month's issue of Tea Time Magazine.

My new 3-tier tray with lots of goodies!

On the bottom we have Shrimp salad on cucumber, spinach artichoke spread with smoked salmon on low-carb bread, and my low-carb cheesecake looking yummy in the background. ;)

The middle tray I tried out a new recipe for low-carb mini scones. Actually not bad!

Yummy cheesecake with strawberries
coconut macaroon cookies

And tea of course! I love these cups. The dinner set is very precious to me because they belonged to my Irish grandmother. I always loved having tea in these with her.