"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food." Hippocrates

"One-quarter of what you eat keeps you alive. The other three-quarter keeps your doctor alive." Hieroglyph found in an ancient Egyptian tomb

"It is a matter of common knowledge that any processing that foods undergo serves to make them more harmful than unprocessed foods." McDonald's Corporation legal statement, shown in the documentary Supersize Me.

“Control the oil and you control entire nations; control the food and you control the people.”~ Henry Kissinger

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Meal Plans Feb 19-25

Sunday Feb 19:
B: scrambled tofu, 12 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, lemon, spinach)
L: tofu & mushroom miso soup,sea salt bagel chips
D: poptarts

Monday Feb 20:
B: Kashi golean cereal w/almond milk, 12 oz fresh juice (carrot, apple, lemon)
L: baby carrots, blueberries, pistachios, tea
D: LC pasta w/broccoli/mushroom/seitan/garlic

Tuesday Feb 21:
B: scrambled tofu, 10 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, lemon)
L: blueberries, pistachios, tea
D: Lentil thai soup, salad (mixed greens, apple, walnuts, balsamic dressing)

Wednesday Feb 22:
B: oatmeal w/pecans/raisins/dates, 10 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, lemon)
L:  Blueberries, pistachios, tea
D: tomato bisque soup, tofu stirfry thai

Thursday Feb 23:
B: oatmeal w/pecans/raisins, 10 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, lemon)
L: blueberries, pistachios, tea
D: Tofu gado-gado

Friday Feb 24:
(no breakfast, fasting labs)
L: cream of broccoli soup, smoked tofu on foccacia
D: moroccan chickpea soup, bbq tofu & veggie stirfry

Saturday Feb 25:
B: Kashi GoLean cereal, soymilk, 10 oz fresh juice (apple, carrot, lemon)
L: cream of cauliflower soup, 1/2 pita (lettuce, pepper, hummus), pistachios
D: indian-cooked chickpeas, veggie &seitan curried stirfry w/rice

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